Reflection on Assessment Feedback

Completion and moving on to the next Module

I was very pleased to be given 75% for People and Place. It’s taken a while to sink in I think because I felt quite ‘flat’ for a while. I received the written feedback two days ago and it’s quite brief. In fact comments on achievement against assessment criteria pretty much match the wording for the criteria. However, the Overall Comments and Feed Forward state:-

This is an excellent submission and your dedication to your studies and furthering your understanding is exemplary Your final project is visually accomplished and effectively and evocatively conveys a sense of the spirit of the place, and responds very well to the theme of the module as a whole. Great to see you developing personal projects independently of the module – try to pursue these in Assignments.

I felt particularly pleased at the words, “…evocatively conveys a sense of the spirit of the place” because that is something I’d been aiming for since Assignment 3. I’d also expected I might get a comment about the personal projects as well.  Somehow or other I just hadn’t been able to think around them enough to fit them into an Assignment and yet I’m not sorry about that. The work I did on Winchester Cathedral transferred into Templemere in terms of endeavouring to enter into the spirit of those different places.  Somehow, I think I’ve found an inner key; a floating absorption that seems to alter my vision and breathing and allows me to connect people and place in a way that satisfies me.

I feel more grounded now and in a better place to approach Digital Photographic Practice where I’ve been lagging for various reasons.  Many thanks to all those who’ve followed and encouraged me with feedback and support and I hope you’ll stay with me on my journey.

My new blog for DPP can be found at

13th December 2013


17 thoughts on “Reflection on Assessment Feedback

  1. Indeed it does capture the spirit of the place and I’m not in the least surprised by the excellent feedback. Fitting personal projects into an assignment never seems to come easily though does it! You sound very relaxed with your work now and I’m sure DPP will flow easily. I don’t think I will ever find an inner key and will be condemned to photographing steam trains and birds for ever!!

  2. Congratulations Catherine – I’m really pleased for you. I agree completely with the assessor’s comments about the Templemere project: it definitely gives me a real sense of the place. I think a few of us struggle with fitting personal projects into course work! Good luck with the next adventure.

  3. Yes, well done Catherine, and well deserved after all the angst and hard work. I feel certain that DPP will be another solid piece of work and looking forward to following your progress.

  4. Thanks all. I’m certainly hoping to improve my technical skills with DPP. I just need to find another project that will capture my attention or, probably more accurate in my case, to allow it to find me!

  5. Catherine, I’m slow to see this due to lack of time for blogging recently. However late though, I want to say a huge congratulations to you! A fantastic achievement that reflects the hard work and perseverence that you have put in. Really wonderful! I shall certainly follow your DPP journey! 🙂

  6. Hello Catherine , a very belated well done greatly deserved. I shall add my name onto your new DPP Blog . (I hope to start my 1st level 2 course within the next few months ) Looking forward to seeing your work for your final level 1. Best wishes Judy.

  7. Hi Catherine , I shall probably choose Documentary but a bit undecided yet. Meaning and Gesture sounds really interesting and as I love portraiture I think I could gain a lot by doing the course. I shall think about it for a few more weeks then really must get myself enrolled.

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