Spring is here at last

It’s such a beautiful day and I’m briefly at my computer before going out to enjoy the sun. John Martyn is singing in the background.

Listening to the song reminded me of a photograph I took a while ago when doing one of the exercises on focal length. Two adults, with children, asking what I was doing (photographing a tree). The children were trying to get into the frame so I checked it was okay (also saying I had a blog) and the adults agreed.  I think they match the song well.


2nd May 2013

6 thoughts on “Spring is here at last

    • Strange how it all comes together.
      I took this photograph some time before the Klein/Moriyama Exhibition and, so far as I recall, hadn’t seen the Klein version until I went on the Study Visit.
      I was thinking about the Klein/Moriyama draft write-up last night and the image above came into mind as a kind of contrast somehow; being softer and more playful – kids having fun in a more natural place. It can’t have submerged too far because there it was almost as soon as I played the Martyn track. It must have been the alchemy of the sunshine that wove the two together!

  1. What a nice day. I sat home and read Charlotte Cotton book.

    At the moment, there are too many books pile up at home. I think I should just dot down couple note then just take them back to library. I can always get them back if needed.

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